Artist Guidelines


  • Use your imagination!

  • Combine your ideas

    With the indigenous plant and animal life that South Africa has to offer

  • Create something that does not yet exist!

    Think of a Protea Fairy, a Drakensberg Troll or a mystical creature from folklore found only in the northern Bushveld complex – the possibilities are endless!

  • Do some research

    Or use one of our Social Media links for inspiration

  • Keep on drawing and creating!

  • Images must be uploaded

    Images must be uploaded in the following formats: .psd or .jpeg

  • High quality DPI images

    All images must be scanned in at 300 dpi IF sent in JPEG format

  • Allowable mediums include

    • Pencil / Colour pencil / Ink / Fusain / Tempera / Water colour paint / Pastel / Markers
  • Uploaded images MUST have a reference as filename, PLEASE SEE FULL GUIDELINE SPECS for specifics on this.
  • Your payment reference will be the same as your Image upload reference i.e. 0721234567_01
  • Use different mediums to make the image(s) interesting. Make use of colour or a mix of mediums to emphasize your image
  • Use the 5 W’s to get all the required information about your creation (WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHEN). This will give us the information we require to make this project work.
  • Download the full guideline spec for all specifications on artwork.